The Historic Wolcott House

  Standing in the northern part of Wolcott on the west side of U.S. Highway 24, the Wolcott House commands the eye of passing motorists.

  This was the home of Anson Wolcott, founder of the Town of Wolcott in 1861. Construction evidently started in 1859 and was completed after the Civil War. Originally there were two parlors, a library, a dining room, a kitchen, six bedrooms, a bathroom, a fuel (wood) storage room, two attic storage rooms, a full basement and the observatory topping the house. Within the house are eight fireplaces. Roger Wolcott, a grandson of Anson, gave the House to Princeton Township in 1956.

  Since 1974 the Anson Wolcott Historical Society has been engaged in restoring the Wolcott House to its original beauty. Two north parlor rooms are particulary lovely. The house is available for social functions by reservation.

  During the annual Wolcott Summer Festival on July 4th, the house occupies a central spot for this event. We welcome those who wish to tour the Historic Wolcott House.